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Bankruptcy/ Annulment


Bridging Finance can be a helpful solution for paying off debt. 

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Bridging Finance for Bankruptcy/ Annulment

People who have filed for bankruptcy frequently have inquiries about both short-term and long-term bankruptcy financing, including bankruptcy loans, bankruptcy mortgage applications, and general bankruptcy finance.

Although they do exist, loans for borrowers with a clean credit history are not always the same as those for individuals who have filed for bankruptcy.

All debt repayments are frozen and monthly payments are stopped (unless you are found to be able to continue paying a lower amount) if your bankruptcy application is approved. Your home, vehicle, and other belongings may be included, though there are limitations to make sure those who are impacted don’t become jobless or homeless. 

 Bridging loans are another type of short-term financial solution that can be helpful for paying off debt, covering unexpected expenses, or financing large purchases (such homes or cars). It just means that when you submit applications, you should focus on the right lenders.