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Types of Bridging Finance

Bridging Loan Uses
estate planning 80 Bridging Finance
estate planning 81 Bridging Finance
estate planning 78 Bridging Finance
icons8 auction 90 Bridging Finance

Auction Finance

icons8 money bag pounds 90 Bridging Finance

Below Market Value

icons8 payment 90 1 Bridging Finance

Second Charge

icons8 small business 90 Bridging Finance

Business Finance

icons8 coins 90 Bridging Finance

Buy and Sell

icons8 property 90 Bridging Finance


icons8 initiate money transfer 90 Bridging Finance

Capital Raising

icons8 property 90 1 Bridging Finance

Stop Repossession

icons8 split money 90 Bridging Finance


Frequently Asked Questions

Does a bridging finance loan affect your credit score?

If you have a problem repaying your bridging finance loan your credit score can be affected. This may make getting a mortgage in the future more difficult. It’s therefore essential to receive advice on bridging loans before taking this type of short-term financing.

Does a bridging loan affect your mortgage?

If you are looking to get a mortgage on the same security that you raise bridging finance on then this might make your mortgage application more difficult to obtain, due to lenders classing this as debt consolidation rather than just refinancing the property.

Is a bridging loan based on affordability?

Bridging loans often include no monthly interest payments, this means no proof of income is usually required by the lender unless you are repaying the loan through refinancing. However please note that company compliance will require a proof of income just for our files.

What is bridging finance?

A Bridging loan is a short-term loan pending the arrangement of a larger or longer-term financing. It is a way to bridge the gap so that you are able to release funds quicker than main stream methods. A bridging loan is always secured against property.

Bridging Loans Vs Mortgages

Bridging loans are short-term finance whereas a mortgage is long-term finance and requires monthly payments.

 Type:AffordabilityMonthly paymentsEarly repayment
Short term BridgingNoNoNo
Long Term MortgagesYesYesYes