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Bridging Finance for Cash Flow Problems

Smaller businesses occasionally encounter cash flow problems, but when issues with cash flow jeopardise performance and profitability, an affordable bridging loan could help.

The value of a business is calculated on the basis of the total combined value of its property assets and equity. Contrary to popular belief, successful businesses with a higher market value do not always have adequate cash flow.

Free cash flow is just that - liquid capital that the business has immediate access to. Cash is important for all businesses, as it is used to pay employees, settle debts with creditors, and purchase equipment.

In addition, the liquid capital a business has influences its ability to invest in new projects and initiatives. Business expansion and diversification are usually impossible without plenty of liquid capital.

For small and medium-sized businesses in particular, maintaining adequate on-hand cash reserves can prove problematic.

If you would like to learn more about the potential benefits of bridging finance or how bridging loans can support smaller businesses in times of economic uncertainty, contact a member of the team at today.

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Frequently asked questions

Why might a business face cash flow issues?

There are numerous reasons why a business of any size may encounter cash flow issues, such as the following:

  • Periods of poor performance: Most businesses will encounter occasional dips in performance and profitability, which can translate to significant cash flow issues.
  • Inefficient cash management: It could also be that the company’s owners or managers have mishandled capital reserves, leaving the business with little room for manoeuvre.
  • Sales on credit: It is the norm for businesses to sell products and services (B2B in particular) on credit, often not collecting payment from clients for 90 days or more.
  • Late or partial payments: Invoice payments from customers made late or not to the full outstanding balance can also lead to major cash flow issues.
  • Simultaneous projects: Where a business invests in multiple projects or initiatives at the same time, it may quickly run short on available capital.

What each of the above scenarios has in common is that it is strictly temporary in nature. Given time, the cause of the cash flow is likely to be resolved, but it may create major difficulties for the business in the interim. This is where bridging loans can help, a short-term, stop-gap solution designed to ‘bridge’ temporary financial gaps like these.

How can bridging finance help with cash flow?

A bridging loan is essentially a short-term cash loan secured against assets of value. Typically available in sums of £10,000 or more (with no upper limits), bridging finance can be issued with an LTV of up to 80% of the assets used to secure the loan. This gives businesses with owned physical assets a great deal of flexibility, as bridging finance can be secured against premises, business equipment, and more. The funds can be made accessible within a few working days, and repayment takes place a few months later in the form of a single lump-sum payment. Charged at a rate as low as 0.5% per month, bridging finance can be great for traversing times of temporary financial turbulence.

Best of all, the qualification criteria for bridging finance are surprisingly flexible. Current business performance and financial history are both inconsequential, just as long as you have adequate assets of value as security for the loan.

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