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Cash Flow Problems

Bridging Finance can help small businesses with an affordable solution to their cash flow issues. 

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Bridging finance for cash flow
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Bridging Finance for Cash Flow Problems

Smaller businesses occasionally encounter cash flow problems, but when issues with cash flow jeopardise performance and profitability, an affordable bridging loan could help.

The value of a business is calculated on the basis of the total combined value of its property assets and equity. Contrary to popular belief, successful businesses with a higher market value do not always have adequate cash flow.

Free cash flow is just that – liquid capital that the business has immediate access to. Cash is important for all businesses, as it is used to pay employees, settle debts with creditors, and purchase equipment.

In addition, the liquid capital a business has influences its ability to invest in new projects and initiatives. Business expansion and diversification are usually impossible without plenty of liquid capital.

For small and medium-sized businesses in particular, maintaining adequate on-hand cash reserves can prove problematic.

If you would like to learn more about the potential benefits of bridging finance or how bridging loans can support smaller businesses in times of economic uncertainty, contact a member of the team at today.


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