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Divorce Settlements

Bridging Finance can be a valuable option when navigating the complexities of divorce. 

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Bridging finance for divorce settlements
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Bridging Finance for Divorce Settlements

There is no such thing as a typical divorce, and the complexities of separation never fail to come as an unpleasant surprise. Unfortunately, research suggests that a full 33% of marriages that take place in the UK end in divorce.

One of the few things all separating couples can agree on is the importance of a swift and amicable resolution. Not to mention an agreement that ensures both partners walk away with the assets they are entitled to.

A cost-effective option for consolidating expenses and ‘bridging’ gaps, bridging finance can be a valuable tool for negotiating the complexities of divorce.

The division of assets between separating partners in the case of divorce is never easy. In most instances, marital assets take the form of tangible possessions and property. The home the couple lived in, the car they shared, their most valuable household possessions, all assets that may be viewed as legally divisible by the courts.

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