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Bridging Loans

Looking to secure rapid funding for your property purchase? Our adaptable financing options streamline the process and eliminate stress, empowering you to concentrate on your goals without interruption. Count on us to guide you toward financial success.

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For The Best Result, Work With The Best People

Expand your possibilities with UK Bridging Finance. Our expert team of professionals is dedicated to finding you the best rates and fast completions for your property financing needs. 

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Fast Approval

Get approval within 24 hours and access funds in a few days.

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Flexible Loan Terms

Borrow from £10,000 to £10 million with terms ranging from 1 to 36 months.

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Best Interest Rates

Monthly interest rates start from 0.55%, with options to roll up interest until the loan term ends.

Why Us

We are fully regulated by the FCA and adhere to strict guidelines to protect all parties. We make sure we are always clear, open and honest and communicate clearly and fully with our clients throughout the process. We are always ready to help with any problems that arise even after you have drawn your funds.

We work with experienced and established lenders who ensure your deal is structured correctly from the start and provide their expertise to ensure the deal works.

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How It Works

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Indicative quotation

During your initial phone consultation, we review your requirements, and personal circumstances and find a solution for you. You will then receive a quotation if you are satisfied with the figures we will proceed to the next step.


DIP approval

Obtaining a decision in principle takes an hour or two and once approved we will send you a detailed quotation and a copy of the terms.


Property valuation and application process

A valuation is instructed (if applicable). Your dedicated processor will acquire all the needed information to apply to the lender for underwriter review. Once approved you will receive a full offer.



Once the loan has been completed the funds are released.

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“Kelly Garvie was my first point of contact. I was very nervous, apprehensive as I had never used a service of this sort before. She explained things in a clear and concise manner she was also very prompt when responding to my enquires. The team that my case was passed on to are actually very patient with me too. A clear comprehensive service.”

— Kam Nathan

Companies need people with the professionalism and dedication of Kelly Garvie, she is a five star executive, once again she played a key roll in helping me to get what I needed Thank you Kelly

— Ian Gordon

Jessica Hayre was very patient and helpful. Very responsive and always answered any queries I had straight away. I had to cancel my application halfway through the process due to an offer which subsequently fell through. Jessica got the offer extended so that I didn’t have to start again with a new application. I can highly recommend this company.

— Steve M